Our products header
Here is a list of some of the products we sell, please feel free to get in touch to find out a little more about what we can offer.
Potatoes header Large peeled (machine)
Large peeled Maris Piper
Cut for roasting
Diced (machine)
Pomme Neuff
Parisienne No.28
Saute (machine)
English chip
French chip
Beefeater chips
Mids (machine peeled)
Fondant 80-100gram round/oval
Fondant Cylinders
Fondant large 120 gram
Mini Cocotte
Turned Beans header French Beans topped with tailed fine
French Beans topped with tailed extra fine
Sugar snap peas
Mange Tout Onions header Whole peeled
Diced/sliced (machine)
Button peeled
Shallots peeled
Leeks cleaned and sliced/diced (machine)
Garlic peeled
Ginger peeled
Button mushroom cleaned
Sliced mushrooms
Ribbon leeks Peppers header Small dice
Julienne Cucumber headerCucumbers baton
Celery baton
Celery diced
Radish clean topped and tailed
Mouli header Diced
Baton size 10
Turned 15 gram
Turned 5 gram
Hand diced
Wedges Carrots header Large peeled
Diced (machine)
Baton size
Hand diced
Turned 15 gram
Turned 5 gram
Wedges Cabbage header Green sliced
White sliced
Red sliced
Savoy sliced
Coleslaw mix Sandwich header Sliced tomatoes
Sliced cucumbers
Sliced Iceberg
Mix leaf salad Italian vegetable header Ratatouille (5 mix veg)
Stir fry mix
Mirapoix Mix
Minestrone Mix
Julienne Stir Fry Mix Chefs header Peeled baby carrots
Peeled baby turnips
Peeled and shelled broad beans
Vegetable bundles
(baton carrots/swede/mouli in a leek ring)
(Fine beans/baton carrots/asparagus)
Courgettes header Baton (with no middle)
Turned 15 gram
Turned 5 gram
Hand diced
Wedges Swedes header Peeled
Baton size 10
Hand diced
Turned 15 gram
Turned 5 gram
Wedges Florets header Cauliflower
Sprouts prepared medium
Button sprouts
Crossed button sprouts Fruits header Fruit Salad (apple, orange, B&W grapes, melon, pineapple and kiwi)
Exotic fruit salad (apple, orange kiwi B&W grapes, melon, pineapple, paw paw and mango)
Orange segments
Grapefruit segments
Florida mix fillets
Apples peeled and cored
Diced pineapple
Orange zest
Lime zest
Melon Galia diced / Parisienne
Melon mix balls
Watermelon Parisienne
Kiwi sliced/diced
Mango/papaya diced
Whole mixed grapes